glTFShowcase Gallery

Gallery is a way to to view your works or share with your friend or public.

You can host a local website by Web Server for Chrome.

Or for public access, you may host a web service accessible for Internet.

In the Gallery UI of glTFShowcase, there is a plus icon which you can add a gallery by providing the link to a json file. This json file looks like the below. It provides your gallery information and links to download your works. By the way, your gltf/glb should be zipped.

  "name": "string",    #Gallery name (optional)
  "banner": {
    "url": "string", #Banner Image URL.
    "size": 0        #Banner Image size
  "assets": [          #Array of asset information
    "name": "string", #Asset name (optional)
    "authorName": "string", #Author's name (optional)
    "authorProfileUrl" : "string", #Author Profile URL (optional)
    "copyright": "string", #Copyright of this asset (optional)
    "url": "string", #Asset URL, which should be zip file
    "size": 0, #Asset zip file size
    "contentType": "string", #Asset content type
    "thumbnail": {  #Asset thumbnail info
      "url": "string", #Asset thumbnail URL.
      "size": 0 #Asset thumbnail size
  1. The current support image formats for banner and thumbnails are jpg or png.
  2. The recommended resolution of banner images is 540x240. Otherwise, it will be shrunk.
  3. The recommended resolution of thumbnail images is 270x240 Otherwise, it will be shrunk.
  4. The asset file, gltf or glb, should be zipped.
  5. The contentType is "application/zip".


Suppose you organize your assets like below and serve the web service in "".
Then your gallery.json should look like this:
  "name": "Wonderful Land",
  "banner": {
    "url": "",
    "size": 141533
  "assets": [
    "name": "Caterpillar",
    "authorName": "Alice",
    "authorProfileUrl" : "",
    "copyright": "CC BY 4.0",
    "url": "",
    "size": 2435579,
    "contentType": "application/zip",
    "thumbnail": {
      "url": "",
      "size": 52788
Now you can add "" to the gallery.
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It is recommended that you use the "paste" button like below to paste your clipboard content. In this way, you manage to have the link copied first and paste it by pressing this button. After confirmation, the App will download your banner and show it. To delete a gallery, long-press(still) the banner image. It pops a deletion dialog. Then choose confirmation.
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